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ASP25AS (2-Stroke Engine)

Brand: ASP
Product Code: ASP025AS*
Availability: 2


  • Displacement : 4.04cc
  • Bore(mm): 17.40
  • Stroke(mm): 17.00
  • Output(Kw/r.p.m): 0.65/18500
  • Practical Range(r.p.m): 2000~18000
  • Weight : 322g
  • Propeller : 9x5-10x4
  • Break-in Prop : 9x5
  • Shipping Weight :  600g

REQUIRES: Glow plug & Prop

The ASP .25 is a single cylinder, two-cycle aero engine incorporating ABC (Aluminum piston, Chrome-plated Brass sleeve) technology for long life, high power output and easy break-in. This engine features a dual needle valve carburetor for precise fuel/airflow metering, cast aluminum rear needle valve assembly, a dual ball bearing supported crankshaft, high-strength connecting rod and a high-volume muffler.

Some tips for running the ASP 25 ... in fact any of the ASP 2-Strokes

  • Tip 1: ASP engines don't come with a glowplug so you'll have to provide your own with the .25 and here's a useful tip... Don't use a brand new glowplug to break in a brand new engine.  
    During the break-in process, very fine particles of metal are often polished-off the various moving parts and those bits of metal will tend to stick to the glowplug coil, effectively contaminating it and making it "colder". If you use a brand new plug, for the first few runs, you'll significantly shorten its life and be wasting money. It's much more sensible to use an old plug for the first few runs, then put a new plug in once the engine has got a few minutes running on it.
  • Tip 2: is to leave out the blue paper gasket that is designed to fit between the muffler and the engine's exhaust stack. The machine-finish of these two surfaces is more than good enough to prevent leakage and because the gaskets tend to compress over time they can often result in loose muffler screws and even a lost muffler if you're not careful.
  • Tip 3: If you are attempting to run the engine for the first time in a very cold climate you may find the ABC pinch is simply too tight for the engine to be turned over properly. In such cases you can pre-heat the cylinder/head of the engine using either an electric heat-gun or (cautiously) with a propane torch, until it can be flipped more freely by hand or spun with your electric starter.

Important Notes:

  • A brand-new ABC engine should not be turned over slowly by hand unnecessarily, that's because as the piston/bore clearance reduces near the top of the stroke, the protective oil film can be displaced and the result may be a squeaking noise caused by metal-to-metal contact. The amount of force required to turn the engine slowly like this can also place undue strain on the connecting rod, crankpin and wrist pin.
  • The carburetor is attached to the engine by way of two cap-head screws that are threaded into the carb spigot. Personally I dislike this method of carb attachment as it is also prone to allowing air-leaks and requires *very* careful tightening of the retaining bolts. Too loose and they'll vibrate right out. Too tight and the threads in the cast aluminum carby will strip -- whereupon the bolts will still fall out. Two tiny spring washers are provided to assist -- but, given the lack of suitable instructions, I fear that some owners will mistakenly use these on the muffler bolts instead.
  • We really recommend a little blue (low-strength) thread-locker on the carby retaining bolts and a "gentle but firm" hand when tightening them.

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