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Sanwa SD-10G 10-Channel 2.4GHz

Brand: SANWA
Product Code: SAN101A28672A
Availability: 1

Sanwa SD-10G 10-Channel 2.4GHz Tx/Rx System

The exciting new SD-10G is Sanwas first top specification set for 20 years and no expense has been spared in creating a set that is technically superior to the competition, stunning to look at and built to last!

Sanwa engineers have worked closely with some of the worlds top pilots to create a system that provides the features they need and is friendly to use.

To meet these demands, the new FHSS-3 system has the fastest response of any set on the market today, bar none! That response translates into the kind of 'locked in' feel that transcends words and can only be 'felt'. That experience is enhanced by smooth, ballraced stick units that fall ergonomically to hand. All switches can be easily accessed and are fully assignable for customising to your personal layout. By using a 6 cell NiMh batttery pack, weight has been minimised as well.

As a dedicated 2.4gHz set, the SD-10G will operate all Sanwa FHSS receivers designed for aircraft use, whether FHSS-2 (RDS8000) or the latest FHSS-3. You have the choice of the 6 channel RX-60 park fly, 7 channel RX700, eight channel RX841FS and the 10 channel RX1011FS. All use Sanwas own software and the RX1011FS benefits from the special S-Link III system for those that demand the very best. All receivers have an ultra wide temperature tolerance and will remain working down to 2v! Check out the prices as well, you will b e surprised how cheaply you convert your models to Sanwa 2.4gHz.

Whether you fly sports models, aerobatics, gliders, jets or helicopters, the SD-10G can cater for them all. In fact, as it is 2.4gHz, you can use it to control any mdel you wish, even cars or boats!! The programming functions are designed for airborne models, but that is the only limitation.

Universal Features:

• 10 Channel computer radio with advanced programming for competition helicopters, sailplanes, and powered aircraft.
• Compatible with all Sanwa 2.4GHz FHSS aircraft receivers. 
• System includes a 6-cell 1500mAh Ni-MH TX battery and charger plus full range 10Ch 2.4GHz Receiver (RX1011FS). 
• Ball race supported gimbals with adjustable springs and throttle ratchet. 
• Unique "Direct Model Select" function allows selection of 3 favoured models without entering the computer.
• Stick Modes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available and easily selected by the user (default is Mode 2)
• 5 complete flight modes (Helicopter, Sailplane, and Aircraft). 
• Flight modes can be named. 
• 3-axis triple Rates and triple Exponential with unique adjustment in each direction of travel. 
• All switches are 3 position types. 
• Proportional side sliders with centre detent 
• Assignable switches 
• 20 Model memory with after-market Sanwa memory card for 20 additional models
• 5 Programmable mixes with 9 Point Curves and Graphs 
• Customizable menu 
• Simple wing, swash, and model templates for easy model setup, 
• Easy navigation, spreadsheet-like menu for control surface/swash adjustments (like RD series) 
• Complete trim authority and sensitivity adjustments plus cross trims 
• Easily activated and inhibited Inc/Dec switch allows the pilot to adjust mixing ratios in flight 
• Failsafe programming available on all channels 
• Multi-function timer 
• Advanced trainer functions (Trainer only available on SD-10G to SD-10G) 
• Telescoping transmitter antenna for increased range when needed. Retractable for storage and park-flier or indoor use.


• Advanced swashplate control with both channel and servo EPA, delay and linear adjustments.
• 3 Gyro gains in each flight mode for helicopters.
• 3 Governor settings in each flight mode for helicopters.
• 9 Point pitch and throttle curves with graphs.

• Proper landing over-ride flight mode for sailplanes
• 6 Servo wing capable for sailplanes
• Proper camber to elevator and elevator to camber mix with multi-point curves with graph 
• Landing mode assigned to ratcheted stick overrides other modes when activated.

Universal Features
• 9 point throttle curve with graph
• Advanced mixing for roll, pitch, yaw coupling and engine thrust compensation.
• Functions for twin engine aircraft
• Throttle cut button
• Dual Idle (Idle down) function.
• Easy setup for differential ailerons.
• Easy setup for dual elevator or V-tail

System Contents
• SD-10G 2.4gHz transmitter with 6-cell 1500mAh Nimh battery
• RX1011FS 2.4gHz ultra-fast response receiver
• New dual charger for 6-cell TX and 4 cell RX batteries
• Transmitter neck strap

Airtronics/SANWA - Watch the Video Introduction

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