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50mm Spring Clamps
Product Description 50mm Spring Clamps (4)   ..
Basic Tool Kit
Tools Included with this Set: Sanding Block Hobby Knife Tap Hammer Pai..
Basic Tool Set
Tools Included with this Set: Tap Hammer Hobby Knife Tweezers Paint Br..
Specs. Dimensions: L = 690mm, H = 570mm, B = 110mm Historic F..
Cutty Sark Tea Clipper 1869
Specs. Dimensions: L = 1032mm, H = 624mm, B = 350mm Historic..
Hand Drill
Artesania Hobby Tools Hand Drill ..
HMS Bounty's Jolly Boat
Specs. Dimensions: L = 415mm, H = 363mm, B = 340mm Historic ..
HMS Victory 1765
Specs. Dimnsions: L = 1230mm, H = 825mm, B = 450mm Historic F..
Jolie Brise
Specs. Dimensions: L = 505mm, H = 515mm, B = 103mm Historic f..
King of the Mississippi
Specs. Dimensions: L = 660mm, H = 192mm, B = 130mm Historic F..
La Nina 1492
Specs. Dimensions: L = 415mm, H = 495mm, B = 111mm Historic F..
Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Clips
Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Clips ..
Mare Nostrum
Specs. The Mare Nostrum is an all-wood replica of a typical Mediterranean ..
Marie Jeanne
Specs. Dimensions: L = 565mm, H = 495mm, B = 115mm Historic Facts ..
Mini Drill Bit 0.5mm (1 bit)
Mini Drill Bit 0.5mm (1) ..
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