YAK-54b YAK-54a Nine Eagles Tab 10.15 Xtra 300 Nine Eagles Tab 10.16 Nine Eagles Tab 10.13 Nine Eagles Tab 10.14 Sky Eagle Assy Nine Eagles Tab 10.12 Nine Eagles Tab 10.2 Sky Eagle Box Sky Eagle Fly Nine Eagles Tab 10.5 Nine Eagles Tab 10.4 Nine Eagles Tab 10.10 Sky Climber Sky Runner Box P-51 Mustang Sky Runner Nine Eagles Tab 10.9 YAK-54c

Radio Accessories

Radio Accessories


Radio Accessories

(Prices are subject to change at any time and some items are limited to stock on hand)

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2000mAh 4.8V NiMH TX Battery DX7/DX8
SPEKTRUM TX BATTERY PACK 2000mAh 4.8V NiMH TX Battery for:  DX7/DX8 (New Desig..
Ex Tax: R635.00
2200mAh 2S 6.6V Li-Fe Receiver Battery
Product Specifications Type: LiFe Capacity: ..
Ex Tax: R650.00
3000mAh 2S 6.6V Li-Fe Receiver Battery
Product Specifications   Application Aircraft Receiver, Air..
Ex Tax: R860.00
4000mAh 2S 6.6V Li-Fe Receiver Battery
Product Specifications Application Receiver Pack B..
Ex Tax: R1,065.00
4000mAh LiPo Transmitter Battery: DX8
Key Features Built-in cell balancer Built-in safety current prevents over charging ..
Ex Tax: R1,499.00
900mAh 2S 6.6V Li-Fe Receiver Battery
Product Specifications Application: Aircraft Receiver..
Ex Tax: R495.00
Evolution 3 Wire Ignition/RX Switch
Evolution 3 Wire Ignition/RX Switch ..
Ex Tax: R150.00
Gens Ace 2S 1300mah 6.6V 20C
Gens Ace Life Battery 2S 1300mah 6.6V 20C ..
Ex Tax: R299.00
Gens Ace 2S 1800mah 6.6V 20C
Gens Ace Life Battery 2S 1800mah 6.6V 20C ..
Ex Tax: R355.00
Gens Ace 2S 2100mah 6.6V 20C
Gens Ace Life Battery 2S 2100mah 6.6V 20C ..
Ex Tax: R415.00
Gens Ace 2S1P 2600mAh 7.4V LiPo (Tx Pack)
Specifications Product Type: LiPo Battery Transmitter Pack Capacity: 2600mAh ..
Ex Tax: R365.00
JR Charging Socket
JR Charging Socket (ON BOARD) ..
Ex Tax: R30.00
JR Flower Stick - Black
  JR Flower Stick Black ..
Ex Tax: R125.00
Neck Strap Adapter - Silver 06020
Neck Strap Adapter - Silver 06020 ..
Ex Tax: R215.00
On-Board LED RX Voltage Display
  This tiny, bright and lightweight unit gives you an accurate RX volt..
Ex Tax: R85.00
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